Sleep is one of the fundamental human needs and we believe it should be easily accessible, affordable, and flexible for all, especially in the city that never sleeps.


Our Pods

Our eco-friendly pods are manufactured in upstate New York out of reclaimed wood, recycled tire insulation, low VOC paint, and 500 hand made LED stars. Each pod features a bed bug resistant Airweave Mattress, blackout curtain, reading light, phone charger, and fire safety equipment.


Our App

When you’re exhausted, the last thing you want is to stand in line. Fortunately, booking with us isn’t a nightmare. Simply download our mobile application, create an account, choose a time that works best, and we’ll zzz you soon!


Our station offers free WIFI, a wide range of healthy bottled beverages, and round the clock luggage storage. Please check our calendar for upcoming community events ranging from mindfulness classes to sustainability seminars.