Dear New York, thank you for supporting our pop-up, the response surpassed our wildest dreams. We’re working on opening permanent stations to accommodate all Nap Yorkers forever. Please sign up for our email alert and we’ll zzz you soon!
— The Dream Team

pod 2.jpg

the Pods

Relax under a canopy of gently twinkling stars and take a much needed break inside a clean and cozy pod. Our eco-friendly pods are manufactured in Michigan out of recycled plastic, recycled rubber, low VOC paint, and 500 hand made LED stars. Each pod features a bed bug resistant mattress, high performance fabric cover, blackout divider, reading light, phone charger, and safety equipment.


the mobile application

Our fully automated retail sleep station ensures your experience isn’t a nightmare. Simply download our app, create an account, and choose a time that works best. Dreamers may leave devices with reception for a true escape or set to silent mode during charge.

THE Amenities

Our station offers free WIFI, round the clock luggage storage, on demand showers, and a wide range of healthy bottled beverages. For repeat dreamers, we offer community events ranging from mindfulness classes to sustainability seminars. Learn more in our FAQ.

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