Our mission at Nap York is to provide an oasis for New Yorkers to focus on cultivating wellness in body and mind; a quiet place to concentrate deliberately on yourself. 


Nap York is the refinement of living well.

Our philosophy is simple: Wellness is a key component to healthy living and is achieved by making mindful and self-directed choices.  We believe that quality rest is essential for optimal wellness. The best ‘you’ is the one that’s well rested.

Our solution is elegant: A premiere wellness club. We’ve created a personal haven in Midtown Manhattan dedicated to your rest and well-being. As our signature experience, Nap York recharging pods offer a private refuge to nap, relax, or meditate. 

Our pride is convenience: We’ve designed our wellness experience to be centrally accessible and tailored to your needs. Nap York provides a curated and holistic suite of services just for you; from quiet workspaces that promote peaceful productivity, to a calming café serving only the healthiest menu.

Our culture is local: Nap York is a ready-made oasis amid the hustle and bustle of New York City.  From rush hour to happy hour, there’s a place for you to relax and recharge at any time of day.

Nap York: Recharging the people who power the world.