"Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever."


We value our wellness and our environment here at Nap York.

Our construction process was carefully guided by LEED, WELL, Green Globe, and Energy Star standards. During our construction, we measured the amount of waste we produced in order to improve our waste management for future locations. We used low VOC paint for our interiors, chose faucets that are WaterSense compliant, sourced all our wood to be formaldehyde-free, and made sure our flooring was Green Guard certified. All of our toilets and LED lighting use the most modern technology, cutting our electric and water usage by at least half. We are proud to maintain over 250 plants in our wellness club, consisting of over ten different species.

Behind the scenes, our operations team is mindful of the food we use in our menu, and where our scraps and leftovers go. We are supporters of our community and do our best to source our food from local businesses.  We purchase non-GMO and organic ingredients whenever possible. Any unsold meals go to local nonprofits to be given to those in need while our daily food scraps are sent to local farmers to be used as compost.

At Nap York, we believe that being green means more than buying eco-friendly products. It is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. Join us as we strive to be a sustainable business and improve the wellness of all New Yorkers.