How long can I sleep for?

We offer sessions from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

How do you maintain the pods?

Like any other hotel, a member of our Dream Team cleans every pod after each use. Nap York uses special mattresses that are entirely washable and designed to minimize dust and allergens.  Each mattress is encased with a protector and high performance fabric. Additionally, we have professional inspectors visit us regularly to ensure we’re operating to the highest standards.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, if we have availability, we are happy to accommodate drop-in visitors.

What form of payment do you accept?

We are a cashless business and accept all major credit cards.

How do I pay for a reservation?

For faster check-in, we recommend paying online or using our mobile application.  Otherwise, your credit card will be charged when you arrive at Nap York.

Can I share my pod?

Our pods are strictly single occupancy. Any violators of this rule will be charged a $250 penalty fee and banned from the premises.

Can I bring my kids?

In order to maintain the most peaceful environment for our guests, we are an 18 and over establishment.

Are the pods safe?

We have licensed security guards on site 24/7 and various cameras throughout the space. In case of a emergency, each pod is equipped with a fire extinguisher and other safety features.

Can I eat inside the pod?

Sealable bottles of water are permitted inside the pod.  We kindly ask that all other beverages be enjoyed in the lounge.

How late can I cancel my reservation?

We accept cancellations up to three hours before your booking.  

How is the quality of sleep?

Each of our pods have active fresh air supply for your comfort and a light-blocking divider to ensure your privacy. The starlit pod ceiling will help tune down your body and mind and each floor is equipped with white noise machines to blanket ambient sound.

Why are linens not standard?

Sustainable practices are very important to us and in order to conserve water used during laundering, linens are only standard on sessions more than 30 minutes.

What if I am a light sleeper?

A member of the Dream Team can provide you with ear plugs or complimentary noise cancelling headphones for guided meditation. 

Can I talk on the phone?

The sleeping floors are quiet areas - we ask all dreamers to put their phones on silent and refrain from any conversation.